A lot of work has gone into the making of the website(s) and the Network itself. I feel we owe our old irc home a big ol' thank you for taking away our meds. Life is much sweeter on the other side of the fence.

Thanks go to Whitewolf, WarNPeace and Wintermute for having the 'courage' to be the way you guys are.

Applause goes to Jennyanydots for doing our about page.

Thanks to HMetal for The Bomb and the guestbook, thank you Wintermute for the Network Stats, and thanks to WarNPeace for the webcam and stats pages!

Webspace for this site is provided by WarNPeace.

Thanks to echo{E} of Metafiz and lebon of Star Dancer Web Design for their previous time and efforts given to the design of our prior websites.

There are many more people who helped get the network and website off the ground to thank, you guys know who you are, Thanks!

Thanks for HMetal and Fosters for their recent "rescue"