nicks: [caliban] and [kingpin] real name: john
year of birth: 1976
location: Bergen, Norway
homepage: coming soon, ask me :)
channels of choice: #offourmeds, #amigacafe,
#beos, #soulreaver, #shell and #beer_garden

After 6 months at the university in Bergen, I was so sick of education
that i started to work instead. I had planned to study computer related
stuff, but realized that if I started to work with computers I might
lose my interest in them after a while. Computers are my hobby, and I'd
like to keep it that way. Friends of mine who study computer stuff tend
to stay away from them when they get home, and that's not something I
want to happen to me. I have a lot of things to keep me occupied, and
therefore never seem to get really good in any of them. It's maybe a
weird situation, but I can live with it. Main interests are; Offroad
driving, Diving, Snowboarding, Riding my waverunner, Irc, BeOS, Music
and Downhill mountain biking. Some of these you will be able to read
more about when my homepage is finished. Currently I'm working for
Norways largest transportation company, and enjoying life :) See you on