Owners Co-Admins. of irc.anora.org on exodusirc.net
Real Names are Randy & Gordon , Location Ohio River Valley.

48 yr old Bear semi-retired working on 2nd career after bike
crash in 86 caused disability. Currently running small in home
computer business, as well as web design and graphic artist.
I am happily sharing my life and love with my Cub / lover you
all know as LovedCub. He is my reason for being,and a Full life
partner. He also keeps our server up and running. and me in line.

28 yr old programmer. versed in win NT Unix Linux, kinda new to irc.
met BearLuvr on line while working in Tempe,Az.and was ready for a
change of pace. When we met we decided we could live & work well as
a team. So relocated to Ohio with BearLuvr and have been teaching
him the ways of *nix. Is the "brains" behind irc.anora.org .